It’s getting to that time of year when you look out into your garden and all you see is rain falling, muddy patches in your grass and it all looks very dull. I bet most of you are waiting for the first sign of spring so this horrible period of the year is over and done with. Well instead of waiting around for the weather to brighten up your garden why not be proactive and get started early with your spring garden purchases.

There’s so many different ways that you can liven up your garden, even the smallest of changes can make a massive difference so that next time those nosey neighbours are having a cheeky glance over the hedges they will be impressed with what they see.

A little birdie told me that this first product is not only a great feature to have in your garden but will also keep the inside of your home nice and clean. Yes, our ornamental shoe scraper is perfect for cleaning your wellies after a long walk with the dog or just to make sure your kids stop leaving muddy foot prints when traipsing in and out of the house.

If our first product didn’t unlock your imagination then our decorative garden keys might do the trick. The unique design of the word ‘LOVE’ moulded into the key itself makes it a perfect gift for any gardening enthusiast. You can also pick from a choice of 3 different finishes to go with the current décor in your garden.

With us being in the month of January where the days are short and the nights are long you probably won’t have the chance to admire the lovely garden ornaments you purchased from Ironmongery World.  However, we have a perfect solution to this conundrum. Our garden lights. Yes our array wall lighting and classic lanterns is just what you need to brighten up you garden and add a little ambiance. Picture this, your sat with you significant other in the garden, romantic lighting provided by our garden lanterns enjoying your favourite meal. The temperature might be in the minuses and yeh you might lose a few fingers to frost bite but it was all worth it for that romantic evening.  If that doesn’t convince you to purchase a lantern I don’t know what will. 

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