Now sequels of any kind very rarely live up to the standards set by the originals however I’m going to ensure this is The Godfather Part II, Empire Strikes Back and Terminator 2 of Ironmongery Blog posts. Now I’ve set your expectation exponentially high let’s discuss how our vintage products will benefit you.

We’ve mentioned in previous posts how here at Ironmongery World we pride ourselves on the uniqueness of our products. This is evident with our superb range of exterior hanging signs. The whimsical nature of our signs are a perfect way to greet guests into your home. 

Welcome to our home sign

When you first bring a new neighbour, new colleague or even the dreaded in-laws to your home for the first time and judge you in every conceivable way making a good first impression is a must. This can be achieved through hanging one of our “Welcome to Our Home” signs outside your door.

However if you’re looking for something a little less welcoming then this next item might be perfect for you.

Who really needs a burglar alarm or door lock when you have a sign telling potential intruders that there’s a ferocious dog protecting your humble abode. Your dog doesn’t even need to be terrifying in any way, shape or form. You could quite easily have a tiny Chihuahua or cute Pug around the corner and they’d be none the wiser. 

Beware of the Dog Sign

However if a sign isn’t enough to satisfy your security needs then you precarious folk can install one of our door locks. We have a wide variety of door locks ranging from £5.49 to £349.99 so depending on how much you value whatever you’re trying to keep safe behind that door we’ve got a lock perfect for you. 

Door Lock

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