Nowadays we rely so much on modern day technology for every day tasks we’ve become dependent on them to function properly in modern day society. Our smartphones, Laptops, and other devices have become like an extra limb that we can’t live without. However here at Ironmongery World we like to appreciate the simpler things in life. Products that don’t need to be charged up every few hours or a connection to wi-fi. Something you can rely on to be able to use every single day of the year.

Our first product with all these amazing qualities is our Clothes Airers. Now before you completely dismiss the idea of disregarding your tumble dryer for something that doesn’t need to be plugged in hear me out.  Yes, our Airers won’t instantaneously dry all your clothes however it also won’t shrink that jumper your grandmother will inevitable give you for Christmas. In order to avoid tumbling down family rankings (Don’t lie we all have our favourites) and the disappointed look on granny’s face when you tell her that you’ve shrunk your beloved jumper purchase one of our Airers today…

If that didn’t convince you to purchase one of our Airers then maybe the fact that you’ll be saving the planet will. Okay maybe our Airers don’t grant you super powers to go off and save cities from impending doom however it will vastly decrease your carbon emissions. It is a well-known fact that global warming is upon us; even if not everybody agrees *cough* Mr president *cough cough*, and we need to do our part to ensure the earth isn’t damaged any further by our wasteful ways. According to the carbon emissions website tumble dryers emit up to 159 KG of carbon every year! This is by far one of the most wasteful appliances used within our homes therefore using a greener alternative will have a beneficial impact on our planet.

Now that I’ve convinced you to purchase a Clothes Airer you’re probably wondering what else we’ve got in store. Well so am I so come back to our blog page in a weeks’ time and see what other wondrous products I can convince you to purchase.

Thanks for reading and you can purchase our Clothes Airers right here: