To complete the trilogy of Ironmongery Posts written by yours truly I have focussed on avoiding the mistakes many other 3rd instalments have made. For example, the decision to not to introduce Ewoks or hire Sofia Coppola was made to avoid any unwanted surprises…You can google that last reference and laugh later. 

Over Christmas I’m sure you received a great deal of presents that you will cherish and want to keep safe. There’s also probably a few you wish would get stolen however we’re going to try focus on the positives today. There are a number of ways that you can keep your belongings safe using products from Ironmongery World.

We know many of you have already taken precautions to keep intruders from entering your home however there are other measures that you might not know about that can be implemented to keep you and your family even safer.  The first example of this is our Patio Door Deadlock Bolts.


These patio door locks will be latched onto your door handles to ensure it is impossible for any intruders to enter your home.

If you’re looking for something a little more ascetically pleasing and fancy splashing the Christmas cash you received from those lazy relatives who didn’t bother getting you a present then we have something perfect for you.


Now the price for this lock might seem a little steep at £349.99 however can your really put a price on security… and if so it would probably be able £350. The reasoning behind it being priced this way is due to the quality of manufacturing and the materials used to create this product. It is designed to withstand a great deal of force and ensure whatever you are trying to keep safe stays in your possession.

There are many more different forms of seccuirty avaliable here:

If you're intetested in any of the products shown click on the photo to find out more.

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