Vintage Interiors

So what's 'vintage' really?

It's  basically an imitative trend that adopts old objects from the 50s, 60s and 70s, and places them inside a contemporary setting. This trend is also termed 'retro' and 'shabby chic', which displays objects such as furniture or ornaments with characteristics of them being created in the past. The good news is this style is back...again (did you see what I did there?) and guess what, easy and cheap to do! Interesting fact: the word "retro" is from a Latin prefix meaning backwards, or in past times...the more you know, anyways, I digress. So here are tips on how to revive a long lost vintage style and bring it back into your own homes.

Garage Sale and Flea Markets

Get a bargain...

First things first, find a garage/carboot sale or a flea market. There are plenty of vintage markets happening around the UK, the best way to find them is through Facebook, turn up, take cash (most dealers don't take card) and be ready to haggle your way to next-to-nothing prices.

Finding new uses for old things at these types of places are very easy and less harsh on your purse/wallet compared to using authentic vintage items, the trick is to look for old dresses, sideboards, armoires, sofas, furniture etc. that 'look' vintage or have the potential to look vintage. If you need to, you can repurpose or even restore these newly acquired items, but don't go too overboard, completely restoring these items will have an adverse affect on what we are trying to accomplish, which is a rustic, weathered, vintage look (well, duh). Also you might want to keep the amount of vintage items to a minimum, it will start looking, well a bit weird, unless if this was your intension all along, then go right ahead, we won't judge...

vintage focal points in rooms

Create vintage focal points to decorate your home...

They are certain features that you want to draw attention, especially if your soon to be vintage room doesn't have a natural focal point. Evenly distribute the newly acquired vintage items and allow breathing space, for example you might have a lounge armchair from the 50s in one area of the room and a vivid coloured triangular table in another, these features will be used to draw attention to certain areas and will be necessary in bringing synergy into your 'vintage space', move stuff around, experiment and see what works...simple.

Vintage Hooks

Walls need vintage love like everything does...

As well as having vintage furniture, the walls are an ideal space to work your magic. They are many different ways you can incorporate a vintage style using wall space such as using vintage style wall maps, murals, wooden signs, mirrors, even cast iron hooks especially these custom name tag wall hooks that all have the potential to give a vintage, shabby chic look, while also being very practical as they can give designated spots for your family members to hang their own junk (no offense, but you will be a lot more grateful if that junk was hanged somewhere than on the floor, am I right?).

As we mentioned with the vintage coat hooks, vintage spaces can have a more of a practical approach than just style alone...take for instance using vintage hooks to hang tools in your kitchen, every tool that you use can be found and done with ease, not to mention being very stylish, just make sure you don't start drawing outlines of the tools on the kitchen wall.

So there you have it, we hope that you are now inspired to find the Bohemian inside of you. We would love to see what vintage rooms you come up with, send your vintage room photos to [email protected]. For more interesting tips and guides on vintage home decor, make sure you like and follow us on Facebook & Twitter, and we will keep you posted. Did we mention that we have 10% off your first purchase at Well you do! Use discount code 'JAN15' At quick about it, it only lasts til 1st February! 4 Days Left!