Images of Vintage coat hooks

We have noticed that there's a current trend in pairing vintage hooks with practical right now. Creating areas of interest in different rooms in your house is important for unique interior design. Vintage style hooks and racks are principally used to hang coats and jackets, but why limit yourself to using them for the hallway when you can literally use them for any room and for many different purposes.

1. Vintage Bathroom Hooks

We love the idea of hanging towels and dressing gowns in your bathroom using vintage coat hooks that we have available, this would be perfect if you're going for the shabby chic style bathroom decor, not to mention would make a great bathroom organiser and keep clothes dry and off the floor. Depending on the hook style you're going for, we recommend using any type of metal finish with a single hook.  

2. Vintage Kitchen Utility Hooks

This is the sort of style is genius if you're trying to be very smart with storage. You could either be very practical in your approach to using Vintage Utility Hooks by hanging your pans or kitchen utensils.

3. Jewellery & Beauty products Hooks

Vintage coat hooks for your bedroom does sound a bit alien, but they can be very useful to hang clothes, strengtheners, and even jewellery. If you are also going for a shabby chic style, using our Vintage Key Holders are a more suitable option for hanging jewellery because they are smaller and will look very attractive in your bedroom.  

4. Vintage Garden Hooks

Wrought Iron Coat Hooks are perfect for hanging tools in the garden, but can also be used for hanging anything else outdoor related such as a watering can, water hose, or hanging plants. Using outdoor vintage hooks are very good to replicate a vintage, cottage style garden.

5. Vintage Hallway Hooks

Although not unconventional, entryways and hallways are the designated areas to use vintage coat hooks, but multiple hooks are usually wall mounted on an wood base to create a Coat Rack. The best Vintage Coat Racks are usually the ones with multiple finishes and designs, which we currently have Free Shipping on Vintage Coat Rack at Ironmongery World! For more information regarding Vintage Hooks and Coat Racks, like and follow us on Facebook & Twitter!