pantone's marsala colour of the year painted in a living room

Pantone have declared the colour 'Marsala' as their colour of the year! If you're not aware who or what Pantone is, they are a company that are best known for their Pantone Matching System (PMS), which is a proprietary colour spaced used to officially measure colour. Twice a year Pantone choose a colour for the following year that fashion designers, florists and many other consumer-orientated companies use to help guide their designs and future products.

So the latest colour trend has now been unveiled! If you want to get in with the current trends, then you've come to the right place, as it give us great pleasure to give you some fantastic tips on keeping you up with your home appearances.

The colour marsala used in a living room and kitchen

Marsala: a warm colour

The new 2015 colour is warm and it will definitely will warm up yours room's atmosphere. While 2014 was based on mauve with 'radiant orchid', 2015 gets warmer and gives way to deep colours. This colour is luxury, warm and elegant; we can easily imagine it in a kitchen or living room. In fact these are the rooms that we spend time with our family and friends so we definitely want to make sure that it has a friendly and loving atmosphere. A warm atmosphere and a burgundy touch will give an additional charm to your rooms.

The colour marsala used on the adjacent wall on a fireplace

Mix and match

We are not going to lie to you, burgundy is a strong colour, so the best way to break this colour is to also use some neutrals colours like white, beige or grey into your colour palette.

The walleye can easily be matched with burgundy to give it that luxury and elegant feel, while black giving you that classical and vintage look. Using black is a great way to subtly break up the harshness of the Marsala, we recommend using black antique decor, such as these Gothic Wall Candle Sconces adds light, character and balances the strong marsala colour. Furthermore, you can definitely abandon some vibrant colours such as yellow or the electric blue, as these colours are not in harmony with the burgundy and will break all the elegance the colour brings.

Heavy marsala colour used in a kitchen

Word of warning...Marsala can make your room heavy!

It’s not advisable to paint every wall as it will give a smothering atmosphere. We advise painting 30% of the room while living the rest of the room neutral.

DIY gets bigger this year. With technology everywhere (and of course the most valuable asset being YouTube), there's no excuse to learn to do things on your own! 2015 is your DIY Year so get renovating and creating today!

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