This year's decoration trends are more focused on wall colours, fabrics, vintage accessories and furniture pieces. Trying to recreate a vintage style is no easy task, they are many different pitfalls in combining different elements well, especially for vintage items, but the result is worth a shot. Here are a few vintage decoration trends we have picked out for you.

The Scandinavian style room interiors

1. The Scandinavian Vintage Style

The Scandinavian furniture trend is still relevant in 2015! If you're not aware of this trend, the overall design mixes new and old ideas together, similar to Shabby Chic it incorporating whites, natural wood, fur or plaid accessories (as seen in the above image). These lived-in spaces combine interesting vintage items that portray a rustic, Scandinavian look. Although the colour palette generally consists of whites and greys, we recommend you combine a colour, such as the Marsala into these spaces, but using very interesting vintage items and textures will be useful in captivating the style, interesting vintage items like these decorative vintage scroll brackets.

The colour marsala used in interior design

2. Paint goes from Pink (Radiant Orchid) to a Dark Red (Marsala)

The decor trend in 2015 is to cover your accent walls in the colour Marsala (not the curry). Marsala is Pantone's Colour of the Year and your opportunity to try this colour out while it's still trending. This new earthy wine colour can really compliment the walls in your kitchen or living room, Pantone describes this colour as "a rich and welcoming hue in accent pieces, accessories and paint." It is a hearty, yet stylish tone according to Pantone's Executive Director, and you will definitely benefit in this year's colours in design, home furnishings or interiors. In our previous article 'Pantone's marsala is the perfect colour for your living room' we go in depth on how you can use this style.

vintage decoration inside a living space

3. The 'Vintage Decor' Theme

If you're looking for an interior that recreates a distinct mix of the forties/early fifties era, we suggest you look at the very popular vintage interior trend. This type of interior design trend brings nostalgia and elegant time pieces back, creating a more welcoming and comforting home. Such as the entryway/hallway that you see in the below image shows how interesting the vintage concept really is, with these decorative, shabby chic coat hook rack can bring glamour back into your entryways, which will blend in well with the rest of your vintage decor. The recovery of materials, second hand furniture and the reproduction of art works can work fantastically with this vintage trend, not to mention you are being environmentally friendly.

A image of a practical vintage living room

4. The 'Practical Vintage' Trend

The new year follows a new lifestyle change for most people, this can also be said for your interior decoration one of the newest trends of this year is a more simple and practical tendency to interior design from a lighting, size and placement perspective. Homeowners are sick of clutter and are on the hunt for a more practical design solutions for a people-friendly home. Storage is essential part in creating mobility inside a room, using vintage storage hooks for instance in the kitchen can make items freely accessible and can also free up a considerable amount of space, not to mention these hooks are very decorative and ornate in their vintage nature, that they will look amazing when unused.

Well there you have it, a handful of vintage design trends for you try out this spring. To help you find more inspiration in vintage or D.I.Y trends for your home, we have a Pinterest account that lets you browse our saved pictures of vintage interiors, fashion, DIY ideas, and the list goes on. If you are already a 'pinner', discover our pins for yourself! For more information regarding vintage D.I.Y & decor, follow us on Facebook & Twitter!