1 Pair of Fleur De Lys Pull Handles

Pull handles are key element in most home interior/exteriors, especially for period architectural ironmongery such as Victorian. Victorian Pull Handles such as these pair of Fleur De Lys Pull Handles come in a cavalcade of impressive and interesting designs, which are the easiest improvements to implement to doors, dressers, desks and cabinets. The good thing with Victorian Era replica ironmongery is that they can be incorporated in the commercial furniture you might own already, and doesn't distract from other finishes on your period piece. For a classical pair of Fleur De Lys Pull Handles, they are available here: http://www.ironmongeryworld.com/1-pair-fleur-de-lys-pull-handles.html. Or if these are not the handles you're looking for (insert Starwars reference), we have a huge range of Door Pull Handles.

Top Tip: For these vintage pull handles, the antique iron finish can be adjusted to your requirements by using metallic accents to either adjust the colour or provide a rich, shimmery impression.

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