montage of vintage items

Although vintage items are a great reminder of history, most people understand just how buying vintage quality products can generally have impact on their spending and provide major long-term savings.

So whether you are a vintage lover, or you are thinking about decorating your house with nothing less than masterpieces, then these benefit of buying vintage can save you just right.

1. Good saving option 

Besides the obvious, vintage items are usually better produced than more modern items, not to mention that they can be very affordable too.

Decorating your home comes at a cost, and while most household goods aren't cheap, buying vintage can cost you less and save you some cash.

2. Quality is impeccable

Vintage products are generally well made than their modern counterparts, where quantity is favoured over quality. Anyone who has ever collected old pieces will testify just how long they have lasted compared to modern pieces.

While most people are very cynical when it comes to buying second-hand or old items, the quality and attention to detail of vintage products are simply unattached.

Besides if it has lasted this long, it will most likely survive and still be valuable for a very long time, which nicely flows to my next point...

3. Vintage is an investment

When vintage items become harder and harder to find they become more valuable. You will never find anything like it and it could become a lucrative investment if you ever wanted to sell. Vintage is good money, and well spent! 

4. Vintage is unique

When you invest in something vintage, you can rest assured that you will never walk into somebody else’s house to find the same thing. Each vintage item is rare and no awkward feelings of having the same dining set as your friend are attached.

5. Contrast is very good

Of course you don’t have to go “vintage crazy” when it comes to decorating your home, however having some vintage items in your house can add some contrast.

While modern household goods can be very attractive, a little bit of vintage will not hurt anyone, if anything it will cause admiration by your visitors.

6. Vintage has history

Sometimes we are so busy looking into the future that we forget about the greatest possessions of our past. Every vintage item has got some history behind it. In addition we love history, especially if an item signifies an important period in one’s life.

7. Vintage is collectable

Vintage items are valuable and are made to last, but they also can be very collectable. It's not like an IKEA set that as soon as the tag is off it loses its value (and are generally not built to last), but with vintage items they keep their value and are very favourable towards vintage collectors and enthusiasts. So the hunt is on!

8. Vintage is eco-friendly

More than 10 million items of furniture is thrown away in the UK every year, by adding a few vintage items to your home, you can make landfills less cluttered and reduce your carbon footprint! How good is that!

9. Vintage is inspiring

Vintage can be very inspiring, you will sure have your friends asking where you got that exquisite piece from...the real magic is that if you do tell them which vintage store you got them from...they still won't be anything like the one you have! So everyone wins! 

10. Vintage reinvents styles

With vintage you can easily change up your styles, even combine contemporary designs with vintage ones, not forgetting that vintage can be inexpensive and very cool way to show off your personality and tastes in a new way.  

So there you have it, some ways to embrace the past and to truly appreciate vintage. We hope that the above will help you consider going vintage, the pros outweigh the cons, come to think of it, I don't think they are any cons? Let us know!

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