ornate victorian style coat hook

Welcome to other featured look at one of Ironmongery World's vintage items, hopefully this will help you determine if this item will look great in your own homes. Today are these Ornate Victorian Style Coat Hooks, which are in fact not entirely Victorian. Let me explain...

The style of these coat hooks are mixed with the styles of the early Victorian era (1837 - 1900) and the influence of the Arts and Crafts Movement (1880 - 1910), which favoured the more decorative style shown in these coat hooks (see swirlies in the image above). One of the founding fathers of the Arts and Crafts movement was William Morris, who believed that within the Industrial Revolution he saw the decline in social, moral and artistic standards and the study of nature (being the perfect example of God's design) was important in changing things around for the better.

The Arts and Crafts movement was a reaction against the Industrial Revolution, and were essentially being anti-industrial, producing craftsmanship that was very traditional, romantic and medieval, which eventually lead to the design of these coat hooks you see before you. Isn't Art amazing?

So there you have it...some interesting history behind these amalgam of the Arts & Craft movement and Victorian Style Cast Iron Coat Hooks, be sure to check these and many other Vintage Coat Hooks and Vintage Coat Racks at ironmongeryworld.co.uk. For all things vintage news, like and follow us on Facebook & Twiter