antique style solid cast iron coat racks with 3 hooks

Welcome to another featured look at an interesting item amongst the many available. If you haven't seen our previous article looking at 34 Super Creative Entryway Coat Rack Hacks, stop everything and go see it, you won't regret it. Also, this article would make a lot more sense if you do. But the long story short, at the end of the article I mentioned that a few of you out there are maybe not looking to be creative at making your own DIY coat rack, so what I suggest are these Antique Style Solid Cast Iron Coat Racks!

These antique replica wall mounted coat racks are made from solid iron with 3 vintage hooks attached to it. There are also various finishes to choose from, such as traditional black iron, rustic white, aged brass and lacquered (i.e. a colour wood finish that is dried to produce a hard, durable finish).

The design is very reminiscent to the Victorian era, where everything was noted for its practicality and orderliness. The solid iron base also has a gothic element towards it, not to mention very durable.

Well there you have it, another amazing coat rack, which we think you will like in your very own entryways. For more infrequently pleasant updates on DIY coat racks and vintage home decoration, please like and follow us on Facebook & Twitter.