Everyone wants to make a great first impression with their coat racks, so much so they go to the next level. Hold on to your minds because they're about to get blown, or even better, they might give you awesome inspiration to make your own DIY coat rack...

1. Bent Spanner Coat Hooks

bent spanner coat hooks


Old bent spanners make great coat hooks, so long as you have super strength. 

2. DIY French Door Coat Rack

french door coat rack with picture frames


If you have any spare French doors 'hanging around' (see what I did there), why not stick a few hooks on it and turn the windows frames into pictures frames, genius!

3. Industrial Pipe Coat Hooks

industrial vintage pipe coat hooks


Know of any plumber friends with some spare pipes? Although, you might want to stick with using the vintage/industrial kind of pipes, not toilet pipes, that would be awkward.

4. Pallet Coat Rack

coat rack made out of a wooden pallet


Reclaimed pallets and using antique objects such as vintage keys or hooks are great for making DIY coat racks.

5. Coat Hanger Rack

coat rack made out of coat hangers


If your hanging coats you might as well make them actual coat hangers, I'm sure you have an abundance of them 'hanging' around. (damn, I did it again)

6. Shutter Coat Rack

coat rack made from an old window shutter


Old shutters left out to pasture make great cottage style, shabby chic coat racks!

7. Trophy Coat Rack

coat rack made out of bowling trophies


This dual purpose coat rack can be used for your own trophy bragging rights and/or for hanging coats, how convenient. 

8. Darts/Knife Coat Hooks 

throwing darts and knives as coat hooks


Just that you're not mistaken, these darts & knife hooks are screwed into the wall rather than thrown...we know, that's not fun at all!

9. Paint Brush Wall Hooks

coat hooks made from dried out paint brushes


We all have those hardened paint brushes that you forget to wash, why not repurpose them?

10.Teapot Coat Hooks

wall hooks made from teapots


If you're tumbling down the rabbit hole, and got that reference, we think these would be ideal for you. If only they dispensed tea too...one can dream.

11. Animal Coat Rack

coat racks painted to look like animal tails


Very clever painting the hooks to look like the tails of animals, kids will surely fall in love with them...I call the Lion! 

12. Giant Coat Hooks

giant pegs coat hooks


If you ever watched 'honey, I shrunk the kids' then these would definitely make you feel like you were in that movie.

13. Freaky Hand Hooks

wall hooks made from modelled hands in different gestures


If you are in need of a 'hand' with hanging coats, then these are 'handy' in doing that (feel free to click out and leave for those awful puns).

14. Boat Oar Coat Rack

coat rack made from a boat oar


Do you happen to have an unused boat oar just lying around? (like everyone does) Drill some holes, screw in some hooks and viola, your new unique coat rack. 

15. Door Knob Coat Rack

coat rack made from vintage door knobs


Don't install these near the doors in your house, awkwardness will ensue if you have any guests around.

16. Ruler Coat Rack

coat rack made from vintage yardsticks


Yardsticks are useful, you can glue them together and make them even more useful and measure your coats, for some strange reason...

17. Dear Antler Coat Rack

coat rack made from wooden shaped dear antler


Just don't ask where you got the antler from, from a tree we hope...

18. Football Table Coat Rack

a coat rack made from a fooseball stick


Bit of a football nut? And/Or have an old fooseball table that you could repurpose? Then you could use a fooseball stick as a coat rack!

19. Scoreboard Coat Rack

a grid style scoreboard coat rack


We Do Wood have created this multifunctional rack with grids of holes for hanging coats and many other things.

20. Dinosaur Coat Rack

coat rack made from cut in half plastic dinosaurs


Who would of thought cutting plastic dinosaurs in half would make an awesome coat rack for adults, and possibly kids...

21. Planets Coat Rack 

coat rack that is inspired by planets


It's kind of a missed opportunity to not make them to scale with the size of the planets in our solar system...or even the same colour.  

22. Piano Coat Rack

wooden coat rack made to look like piano keys


If you're a music enthusiast then this piano style coat rack will peek your interest, just don't expect the keys to play sound, althought that would be pretty neat if they did.

23. Rain Droplets Coat Hooks

wooden coat hooks made to look like rain droplets


The 'Dropit' hook is a unique droplet shaped hook, where you can arrange multiple hooks in a rain pattern.

24. Skateboard Coat Rack

coat rack made from a skateboard and 4 wheels


A very cool coat rack made from a skateboard and wheels for hooks...just make sure it's not someones before you make one yourself.

25. Shotgun Shell Coat Rack

coat rack made from empty shotgun shells


Just don't use live ammo when creating your own shotgun shell coat rack...


26. Moose Head Coat Rack

metal coat rack made to look like a moose head


These adorable moose head coat racks are ready to hang your hats and scarves off their antlers. 

27. Headboard Coat Rack

coat made from a repurposed bed headboard


Repurposed old headboard turned into a coat rack.

28. C-Clamp Coat Rack

coat rack made from woodwork c-clamps


If you're a DIY type, you'll surely feel right at home in a woodwork shop, with these c-clamp coat racks.

29. Tree Branch(es) Coat Rack

DIY coat rack made from tree branches


Upcycle some broken tree branches into an environmentally friendly coat rack.

30. Garden Taps Wall Rack

wooden coat rack made from garden taps


That old vintage garden taps wall rack that would be great to hang your garden tools off, our even used as a coat rack.

31. Tea Cup Wall Hooks

coat hooks made from tea cups for hanging and displaying jewellery


For you tea drinkers out there, get some more use out of those tea cups by turning them into a jewellery rack. 

32. Heel Wall Hooks

coat hooks made from old heels


Old heels can be recycled and detached from the shoe to be used as clothes hooks.

33. Butterfly hooks

coat hooks made to look like butterflies


These dual purpose coat hooks also allow for storing small items such as your wallet and keys for easy access when you need them.

34. J Peg Coat Hooks

coat hooks that are made from pegs in a j-shape


These hooks are very clever that it lets you 'peg' and personalise your hook with a pictures or store mail, as well as hang coats. 

So there you have it, some of the most crazy and unusual coat racks on the internet. We would have never considered the possibilities that some very amazing and creative people have come up with, and some of them look super easy to create yourselves!

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