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Well the summer sun has arrived, what better way to invite the sun into our homes than with a Scandinavian, shabby chic cottage style. What makes this style very unique amongst others is how alive they look, with white-painted floors, well, basically all white, we feel they should be a disclaimer to be careful not to go blind every morning when the sun comes out.

Today we're doing something different with our regular product of the week, we'll be looking into what products we have available for you to achieve this newest home decor trend.

This style relies on an all white or pastel dining space, but it can still work if you want to incorporate bits of white around the house. The style also relies on very unique features to compliment the bright space, well, without further a do, here's where we've up come in...

1. Shabby Chic Coat Rack

This coat rack has a rough sawn pine base, not exactly white, but the colour will really compliment the very bright interior space that you might want to replicate in the hallway. The antique style cast iron finish on these hooks will also give that vintage touch that the style is based on.

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2. Novelty Cast Iron Antler Pull Knob

This novelty cabinet pull knob comes in a black and white patina finish. Our thoughts with this product is that the Scandinavian home living style is so white, it might as well be Christmas every day! We are obviously joking. Whatever the season, these would make a great addition to cabinet or drawers on a DIY shabby chic storage.

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3. London Brackets

These white brackets are ideal for this style of home or kitchen, and very good value for money considering this product is sold as a pack of 20 in a range of sizes. They are slightly more modern than our counterpart scroll shelf brackets on Ironmongery World, but they provide excellent support and of course they are white.

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4. Shabby Chic Style Coat Hook

These lovely vintage coat hooks also replicate the Scandinavian style. They look like the whole street has used them to hang their coats, but that's the whole point of having the patina finish!  

Available here:

5. White Coat Hook

If you're into the hardcore Scandinavian style of having almost everything white, then these hooks might be down your alley, they are made entirely out of white metal.

Available here:

white Scandinavian house

So there you have it, some very fabulous Scandinavian style product available now at, come say hi, and if you want more infrequently pleasant updates on different home decor trends, like and follow us on Facebook & Twitter.