vintage coat rack in the design of bottle caps

Welcome to another Product of the Week, where we showcase one of Ironmongery World's available products. This week we have gone all out with the quirkiness with this Bottle Cap Coat Rack. This product features 4 hooks with a metal bottle cap design. A bottle cap typically comes decorated with the logo of the brand of beverage, but in this case we have numbered them in a distressed retro style, not to mention the caps are around 9 times as big as a regular bottle cap.

So you may be wondering why bottle caps and how did these bottle caps come into existence? The origins as far as we know was patented in 1892 by William Painter, who came up with the one-time use cap that had a cork seal with a paper backing to prevent contact between the liquid contents and the metal cap. The invention in the early 1900s gave way to the mass production of glass bottles, which lead to the increase in the use of crown caps. Within 20 years almost all soft drinks and beer bottles were sporting these crown caps! By the end of the 1950s, less expensive synthetic materials such as plastic, which lead to the replacement of cork lined crown caps. Today aluminium and pilfer proof  caps are replaced by most crown caps for glass bottles, even most beer bottles in the US sporting twist-off-crown style caps.

So there you have it, who doesn't like a brief history in the origins of the crown cap? Am I right? We definitely consider the original crown cap as a vintage item to be proud of, hence creating a coat rack made entirely out of them! Considering the countless ones we have popped off, why not incorporate them in your own home. We recommend this unique coat rack to any of you beer connoisseurs out there, and even you video game nerds that have played Fallout, which if you're not aware is a 50s post-apocalyptic action role playing game, in which the standard currency in the game are bottle caps! The more you know...

Bottle Cap Coat Racks are in stock and avilable here:

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