Have you ever tried putting holes in a cabinet that are perfectly lined? It's a lot harder than you think! By popular demand we and the guys at Home Improvement Videos have comprised a step-by-step guide on how to do this, with less "NOOOO" moments as possible.

darth vader put on a cabinet knob wrong

The Trick

With door pulls, you need to drill holes in the exact same spot on each of the drawers you have. If even one is miss-aligned, your eye will instantly pick it up and it will become very noticeable. To prevent it looking like an amateur job, we will show you 2 ways of measuring and drilling the holes as accurately as possible.

Method 1 of Measuring Before You Drill

First, you can use a tape measure to measure the vertical and the horizontal, and pick a certain spot where you would like the hole to meet between these two axis e.g. meet 2 inches then make a mark with a pencil on where the horizontal and vertical lines meet.

Install a cabinet pull knob - step 1

The Cons of using Method 1

This way you'll need to measure several times, and then mark a hole for your drawer pull. You might be a few mm off depending on the shape of your drawers, for instance if you have multiple drawers, your corners might not be in-line with each other, using this method will prove to be slightly time consuming and will have a higher room for human error, but sufficient enough to get the job done if you have the time.

Method 2 of Measuring Before You Drill:

If you want the exact measurements from the corner, we  recommend you use a Hardware Template. It is a template that rests on the corner of the drawer that has small numbered holes for marking spots with a pencil, so that you can pick the same numbered spot for each drawer.

Install a cabinet pull knob - Step 2

The great thing is that you can flip the Hardware Template around and pick the same hole and use it for the opposite cabinet drawer!

Install a cabinet pull knob - Step 3

The Cons of using Method 2

Err, we don't know of any using this method, but if you do, please comment below and let us know.

Measure the Screw & Drill Bit

Before you drill, we recommend that you measure the thickness of the draw screw compared to the thickness of the drill 'bit'. To get the right hole size, you need to gauge the similar thickness, if the drill bit is slightly smaller, then you have the recommended drill bit to screw a hole into the drawer. Another way of doing this by using a Drill Bit Guage.

Install a cabinet pull knob - Step 4

Drill the Hole

Gently drill through the marked holes, making sure there's nothing behind it and that you have a firm grip on the drawer to stop it from moving while drilling (also, watch your fingers).

Install a cabinet pull knob - Step 5

Screw in the Knob

Once you have a nice hole in your drawers, feed the screws through the back of the drawer and screw in the Pull knob (righty tighty). You can use a Philips screw driver to hold the back screw in place while you manually screw in the knob from the front of the drawer if it helps .

Install a cabinet pull knob - Step 6

Do the same with the opposite drawers, and there you have it, perfect aligned knobs that YOU DIY'D!

Install a cabinet pull knob - Finish

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