Vintage Clear Cut Glass Crystal Pull Knobs that look like Crystal Maze's time crystals

Our product of the week are these Vintage Clear Cut Glass Crystal Pull Knobs. Do they remind you of something? Surely you remember Crystal Maze...The best British game show of the 90s! Yep, we went there...

If you're not aware of this awesome game show, it was presented by one only Richard O'Brien (best known for The Rocky Horror Show) and featured a set of which consisted of four different zones in various periods of time and space. A team of six contestants take part in a series of challenges in order the win 'time crystals', which coincidently look like these pull knobs! Each one of these crystals gave the team 5 seconds in the 'The Crystal Dome'. which was the centrepiece of the maze where the winning team take part in the final challenge.

Good News! Crystal Maze is making come back as a live immersive experience in London, which is slightly unfortunate we can't shout "come back! come back!" at our screens, but nonetheless it gives us the opportunity to show our young ones what real game shows were about...we can't wait. Below are a few artistic impressions on what we are expected to see leading up to new show.

artistic impressions of the new live crystal maze

We are keeping our fingers crossed that it actually comes out on TV, rather than a live experience.

So there you have it, one of the best game shows to appear on TV, and now you can own your very own time crystal pull knobs! (For your information, the '32mm' small pull knobs are the ones you're looking on the product listing). For more weekly updates on our amazing (and unusual) range of vintage home decor, like and follow us on Facebook & Twitter! Falling Short on D.I.Y.? We have 100s of pins just waiting for you to get started on Pinterest