cherub cast iron bracket

Welcome again to one of Ironmongery World's available products. This week we have gone for very classical, Victorian replica of Cherub Cast Iron Bracket. Interesting that the Cherub in these brackets recall the sentimental sweetness of much of the Victorian and Edwardian era, most specially in architecture as they take form of a classical girl or a male athlete, like the one in the bracket. So you may be wondering, who is this fellow Cherub holding your iron shelf brackets up?

A Cherub is known to take a number of names such as Putti, Cupid, Eros and Amorini. They often appear in Greet art accompanying Aphrodite, the Roman version is a Cupid, son of Venus. After the classical period , they haven't been much popular, but they were revived in the 19th Century and early 20th Century. So here's where our Cherub comes from, during this period they were often used when seeking light-hearted, baroque versions of classical buildings, so if you want your own replica classical Cherub Cast Iron Design Bracket, they are available here:

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