how to hang a shelf bracket guide

First off, we'd like to thank Shane Conlan from DIY For Knuckleheads for allowing us to present our guide of how to install a shelf bracket in a more visual way, we reccommend you check more of him over at his youtube channel, he is truely brilliant at what he does and we wish him all the best!  

Before you drill into your drywall or plaster wall, you need to determine the weight load of your shelf and what your shelf is going to be supporting. If it is a light load, we recommend you go for the wall anchors method, but for a heavier application, you might want to consider using spring toggles. Spring toggles allows for a more secure grip on the exterior wall and a heavier load on the shelf.

Step 1. Find Your Stud

find your stud

Whenever you're hanging or installing a shelf, it a good idea to have at least one of your two brackets screwed directly into a wall stud. For those who don't know, a wall stud is the bit of timber that runs behind your drywall or plasterboard, it goes from the top of the ceiling to the ground, but if you're unsure on how to find the stud, there are a few digital detectors that can find these for you.

Step 2. Your First Bracket

your first bracket shelf installation

 Put the bracket in place at the desired height and screw off the top screw, but don't screw in the bottom screw in just yet because you need to make sure it is level by using a spirit level vertically along the edge of the bracket. One lined up, then go ahead and drill in the last screw.

Step 3. Making The Shelf Level

making the bracket shelf level

Before you screw in the second bracket, grab your spirit level again and put it on top of the existing bracket, make sure it is horizontally level, then make a line across with a pencil to the other end where the last bracket will be placed. 

Step 4. Your Second Bracket

second shelf bracket installation

This second bracket is not screwed to a wall stud, so it is recommended that you use wall anchors for this bracket. First you will need to make a mark on where your would like the last bracket to go, making sure the top of the bracket lines up with the horizontal line mark made in the last step, then mark the holes using a pencil. Grab your screw-in wall screw and screw it in the wall and tighten up. Next you want to screw your regular screw into the screw-in wall screw (wow, that sounds a bit confusing, but basically, screw in your anchor screw, then your regular screw into the bracket, then wall. Make sure you screw in the top screw first on the bracket so that you can make sure the bottom screw in the bracket is level like in the step 2. Both brackets should now be in place and level, ready for the shelf!

Step 5. The Shelf

the shelf installation for the bracket shelves

And now for the final step. Place the shelf on top of the brackets, making sure the shelf is equal on each side and screw the remaining 4 holes that are situated on the opposites sides of the brackets.

Done and dusted. We hope that this has helped you with your shelf bracket installation! If you're in the market for some unique. Shelf Brackets, we can deliver!. For more unfrequently pleasant DIY Tips & Guides, like & follow us on Facebook & Twitter. Looking to get busy with a DIY project, but you don't know where to start, head on over to our Pinterest with 100s of DIY ideas.