5 solutions to make the most out of your hallway/entryway space.

Your hallway/entryway often gets neglected as being considered an integral part of the home, but we think it deserves to be a stylish room on its own and taken seriously. Smart solutions can also be adopted to make the most of this space, both stylistically and practically.

The problem we see in things such as home living magazines is that they suggest we live in an contemporary, minimalist living space, where everything is kept clean, in order and in place. This is expectation, but in reality we know that this would never work, especially if you have a family. Our approach is more of a practical one, where by considering every inch of space and how it can be used can dramatically change this space for the better. Here are some top tips on how you can improve the hallway in your home.

Use colour on your accent walls in your entryway for greater visual impact

1. Using 'White' is not the key to everything.

White is often considered as a catalyst for change and fooling everyone in thinking that the space is a lot bigger than it actually is, but using white can also drain the character out of your home...why do you think houses come new with white walls? If you are adamant in painting your hallway white, we recommend painting your accent wall (short wall with no architectural features) a colour of your choosing. The colour on this wall will give a greater visual impact in the entryway to your home.

practical entryway/hallway spaces

2. Be more practical with your space.

What better way for your entryway to stand out than an antique coat rack. Both practical and characteristic in terms of style, especially these Vintage Style Hat & Coat Racks, which make a great focal point and nice opportunity to personalise your entryway with Victorian Cast Iron Coat Hooks. This will hopefully bring a characteristic-filled traditional style to spruce up your entryway.

creative entryway storage ideas

3. Be creative with your entryway storage.

Another thing that we recommend is entryway storage for your shoes, bags and gloves to hangout, well they all can't hangout on your coat rack. While there's not one-size-fits-all with entryway storage, we suggest you build yourself one, that way you can personalize it to go with your Vintage Coat Rack (which by the way, we currently have free shipping offer with any coat rack), why not consider adding stylish Vintage Cabinet Knobs for your storage access points. Be creative and add character to the practical features in your hallway.

A rug featured in an entryway

4. A rug is a must.

 Having a rug is one of the most important features for an entryway, you expect it to be there to wipe your feet when you've come in from the great outdoors, but what you don't expect is that it can also merge with the style of your home. For a Victorian-esque, vintage characteristic feel that we are delving into for example sake, we recommend a dark rug. Again it's not one-size-rug-fits-all, you have to consider the proportion of your entryway and scale your rug complimentary to the scale of the space.

good first impressions of doors with vintage door knockers

5. Make a good first impression.

What's the first thing people see when guests walk up to your house? It's your door. Make a good first impression by personalising features on your door such as a Traditional Old Victorian Style Metal Lanterns and Vintage Fox Door Knockers will get people looking twice...again, being creative is the key, such as attaching Vintage Cast Iron Hanging Keys to your door knocker such as shown in the above image makes a great ornament for your door .

The design of hallways/entryways requires some effort, but in a more practical way than say living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens, the interior of hallways should be functional, yet you can still add character with certain features that fit into the overall style of your home. We hope this helps inspire you to spruce up your entryways and hallways. For more tips and news regarding architectural hardware and ironmongery, please like and follow us on Facebook & Twitter