Everyone needs somewhere to hang their coats but does the style of your coat hanger really matter. Of course it does! You need something that will look great with the current style of home and match its décor.Here at Ironmongery World we have coat racks of all shapes and sizes to be used in a variety of different ways. A prime example of how unique our products are includes this bottle cap coat rack available at Ironmongeryworld.com.

Bottle cap hooks

At first glance it may look a bit strange but if you are pining for something that will stand out to your friends and family while they’re hanging up there coats this stylish and quirky alternative to the traditional coat racks could be perfect for you.It’s also an absolute bargain at only £17.95, where else are you going to find something this unique at that price?

However, if quirky and unconventional isn’t your cup of tea then we have a huge range of products that might cater to your needs.One of my personal favourites is our Solid Oak Coatrack available from 2 to 10 hooks. This bespoke item will look perfect in any modern-day household adding a vintage charm it so thoroughly deserves.

vintage hooks

All of our coat racks are handcrafted right here in the UK so not only will you be getting a fantastic product you’re also supporting a company closer to home.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of these products just click on the photos and for more quality coat racks visit: https://www.ironmongeryworld.com/racks-and-hooks 

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