Shabby Chic Home Accessories

Hello fellow Ironmongers, we just like to thank everyone who has recently followed us on Facebook & Twitter, we have had a lot of positive feedback from our 5 Entryway & Hallway Ideas, be sure to check it out and let us know what you think...don't worry, they'll be plenty of those and other home decor ideas to look forward to on Ironmongery World.

In the next coming months following up to Christmas and Next Year, we will be looking at analysing interesting trends for your home, which we will guide you through some clever D.I.Y ideas and inspiration for any current renovating you are looking forward to doing in the new year.

One of the trends we are seeing popping up everywhere, especially on Pinterest is Shabby Chic. If you're not aware of this style, it is basically a form of interior design that includes furnishing that have the appearance of age and signs of wear and tear, to achieve the appearance of an antique. We see a significant positive in Shabby Chic as it could potentially save you a lot of money compared to genuine period decor.

In the above images we have picked out a few products of ours that we think will go well with this style:

Top Left: These Vintage Style Hat & Coat Racks include an antique iron finish, which is set on a solid oak base. We think this style of rack resonates well with the Shabby Chic style as it shows the appearance of age and follows a particular regency period. Tip: To further enhance the Shabby Chic look in these pre-made racks, we recommend you gently sand the oak base to show signs of weathering. Also we currently have a Free Shipping offer on all our Pre-Made Coat Racks for a limited time only.

Top Right: Here are Wrought Iron Coat Hooks, but these include different finishes. With these hooks you are free to use any base for the rack...we have seen people mount these hooks on skiis, sliding doors, crates, picture frames...the list goes on, so feel free to be creative with your own D.I.Y coat rack.

Bottom Left: So this is a Victorian Style Black Rim Lock, which has a new gothic feel to it. Victorian architecture favoured these types of hand-made items that were less ornament to say something made from brass and were valued more for their utility, much like this item, it has shabby chic written all over it.

Bottom Right: We have Wrought Cast Iron Levers On Rose Mortice, which are handmade and made to last. They are particularly ideal for the outdoors such as for shed doors.

So there you have it...simple and inexpensive Shabby Chic Home Accessories to get inspired. Stay tuned for more tips and guides in the following weeks on Ironmongery World.